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Anonymous writes...

1)Did Oberon have any children during his 1001 years spent off Avalon?
2)Why were the weird sisters chosen to guard the gates of Avalon? Thanks for you time.

Greg responds...

1. Maybe. He definitely had at least one kid before that: Merlin. Oh, and by the way, Oberon's mother is Queen Mab. (No one's asked me that in a while. I hope it doesn't screw up TGS too much. I've been skipping over any comment room posts about TGS, but I couldn't help noticing the Queen Mab name coming up. And I assume Merlin's in Pendragon. I've hinted at this stuff before of course, so I'm curious... Did everyone guess this? Did anyone?)
2. They were considered to be trustworthy and doggedly responsible.