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Anonymous writes...

Hi Greg - just another behind the scenes question that occurred to me. You said that Elisa's character design was based on Salli Richardson - did the same go for Xanatos and Jonathan Frakes? When was Jonathan cast, and whose idea was it? (Brilliant piece of casting, whoever's idea it was...) Oh, and a totally unrelated question. You said that a gargoyle's stone skin absorbs solar energy during the day. This gives the gargoyle the strength to fly, etc. Obviously they can go without being in the sun for at least one day without suffering noticeably for it (eg Broadway in 'The Silver Falcon'), so just how long can a gargoyle go without sunlight? And what would the effects of sunlight deprivation be, exactly? Thanks again!

Greg responds...

No. Xanatos was fully designed before Jonathan was cast. Jonathan auditioned for the role. We cast him. It was a mutual decision between myself, Frank Paur, Michael Reaves, Jamie Thomason, Bruce Cranston and Gary Krisel.

I don't know the math on the sun thing. It hasn't been explored yet. Maybe someday.