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matt writes...

when Goliath and Hudson return to Wyvern after the massacre is it me or did Hudson seem to take the whole thing pretty well all things considered? while Goliath goes into an uncontrollable but understandable rage, Hudson just makes some remarks about betrayal and bow strings having been cut. i don't want to say that Hudson had more reason to be upset than Goliath, but Hudson did have several generations of rookery children murdered and many friends that he has known most his life killed in the massacre, he doesn't scream in rage like Goliath or cry in sadness. did his long life in this "world of fear" and the death of his mate better prepare him for the death of his people than Goliath? Hudson just seemed really mellow about the massacre...

Greg responds...

For starters, I think he was in shock. But we all handle tragedy differently. He fell back on his training.

And it's certainly possible that past tragedies may have better prepared him.

But I hardly think his response was "mellow".

Response recorded on March 02, 2001