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Todd Jensen writes...

In "High Noon", why did the Weird Sisters get Othello to seize back control of Coldstone from Iago? That rather puzzles me, seeing that the result of Coldstone's "shift in loyalties" saved Elisa and the clan, and consequently allowed Elisa, Goliath, and Bronx to help the Avalon clan against the Archmage and the Weird Sisters - almost a case of the Sisters shooting themselves in the foot, in fact.

Greg responds...

Yeah, seems that way doesn't it.

But... first off, the Weird Sisters represent three opposing forces battling for ascendency without ever acknowledging or even being aware of the conflict. So more was going on then you saw.

Second, they were concerned with the Archmage's short term goals. They didn't want a prolonged battle. They wanted Demona and Macbeth to get away with the Gate, the Eye and the Grimorum. And they wanted the Manhattan Clan to be unaware of the theft. Helping Othello aided that cause.

Finally, it's asking a lot for them to predict what would happen on Avalon. Or is it?

Response recorded on June 27, 2001