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Sloth writes...

Sorry Greg, I know this isn't a chat room but... Matt, I think Demona said: why do the little people always frustate me. Just sounds a bit better.

K, guess I better add a question. After creaming Goliath, why did Vinni just throw away Mr. Cartter after develiping such a close bond with it?
Also do you have any more plans for Mr. Cartter?

Greg responds...

Vinnie's a funny guy. Very single-minded, one thing at a time kinda guy. Mr. Carter was created for a very specific purpose. Once that purpose was served, he was free to discard it. After all, it was out of pie.

I don't have any more plans for the pie gun.

But I have very specific plans for the guy the pie gun was named after.

Response recorded on July 06, 2001