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Lord Sloth writes...

Hunter's moon part 1 questions:

1) When Jason said he had heard of alligators in the sewers, and Elisa said she could tell him stories, was she talking totaly about gargoyles, or has she ever had an experience with an alligator in a sewer? What would she have told him if the thiefs hadn't interupted?

2)Why do Demona's thugs need to steal DI7 disenfectant if it was a comonly used cleaner? Why not just buy it?

3a) Where do the hunter trio get the money for all their technoligy? I'm guessing stealing, but I dunno. b) did they get their airship from cyberbiotics? How? c) Have they ever hunted and or killed a gargoyle(s) before?

4) Did older hunters use real raven's or halks (or whatever that mech bird was) when hunting Gargs?

5) why didn't Gilcomgain's <sp?> scratches bleed a bit more when he was talking to his daddy?

Greg responds...

1. Nothing. Been a while since I saw this, but I believe that she was talking about gargoyles. And she wouldn't have told him anything.

[I should note that I am currently on vacation at my in-laws using their web-tv. The keyboard is stiff and various keys, the r in particular, stick. I don't think I have the patience to put up with this for long.]

2. It wasn't commonly used. It was in work to be commonly used.

3. They have a substantial Canmore Trust. The ship's designers have not been revealed. They have been hunting Demona since they were kids. Whether or not they had also hunted and/or killed other gargs has yet to be revealed.

4. Yes.

5. As opposed to when?

Response recorded on August 21, 2001