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Lord Sloth writes...

Awakening Questions:

1. Why, in the first apperance of Goliath, his eyes glow green briefly

2. When Goliath found his clan was murdered, he said they should save the humans, but he obviosly wanted revenge the most. Would he still have wanted to save the humans if Demona's plan had worked? b. Would the other Gargoyles?

3. Was turning the Gargoyles to stone the best revenge the Grimorum had to offer? Magus seemed to have been studying it for that sort of thing, and he wanted something a kin to using a sword, so why not lightning or fire or magic spears?

4. Why is it nether Goliath or Demona performed a wind cerimony for their clan? I guess their greif and guilt level must have been quite high, but Goliath seems responsible enough. Or he could of asked Kathern to do something similar.

5. When Elisa spots Hudson and thinks he had moved, did Hudson know that and froze so she would dismiss it? His back was turned so how did he know? And Owen didn't seem to concerned(not that he ever is).

6. I take it Bruno was under orders not to shoot Goliath, so what was he planning to do when his men had him pinned? b. Was he under orders not to shoot Elisa? They seemed to be trying to kill her, but they had terrible aim.

7. Why could Bruno's guys shoot the gas canister once, when it started leaking out, but had to shoot again before they would blow up the shack?

8. Did you know about Renard being head of Cyberbiotics back then? If you did, did you want to show him at one of the bases? That would of been cool.

9. What evidence was there that Xanatos had Stolen from Cyberbiotics? It was pretty fool proof using the Gargoyels to do his dirty work for him, and I doubt the Gargoyles testified in court. Did they?

Thanks very much for taking the time for us Greg. U da man!

Greg responds...

1. Do they? Trick of the light perhaps?

2. I think so. I think she miscalculated all the way across the board.

3. He wanted something permanent that effected all the gargs at once.

4. I think you answered your own question. A wind ceremony for the entire clan is an overwhelming thing. Think about it. As for asking Katharine, he had already made a much more important request.

5. Owen is clearly covering. Hudson is standing still on purpose.

6. He was under orders to let Goliath escape but make it look real. He was free to kill Elisa if necessary.

7. I don't understand the question.

8. I didn't know specifically, no.

9. He had possession of the disks.

Response recorded on September 06, 2001