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Kelly L Creighton/Kya White Sapphire writes...

i keep meaning to post this, and am either too busy or too forgetful.

I watched "Revelations" the other night. In it Mace/Mase (sp?) falls down the elevator shaft, and grabs the wires with his bare hands. I can understand why a garg would be able to do this, but many layers of skin should have been shed. then he jumped from the cables to the window, which still had broken glass in it. so he should then have been eviscerated. and in the same scene, goliath stopps his fall with his claws, feet and hands. he falls several meters, and yet his hands never overlap his foot claw marks.

a lot of creative animating in that episode...

Greg responds...

ANd your point is?

Response recorded on September 06, 2001