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Aaron writes...

Again, I forget who asked this: "4. Where was Vinnie when the Mirror took place? ~_^ "

Greg responds: "4. Haven't thought about it."

It would have been kinda funny to see Vinnie walk by in the background, maybe trip on his tail or something, and say "Can you believe it?" just so we'd be sure it was him.

In fact, and I realize there was neither time to design them, nor a place for such a thing in the story, but it would have been a great deal of fun to see what the human cast, Matt, Chavez, Morgan, Fox, Xanatos, Dracon, etc., would have looked like as gargs. (Especially those last three) Heck, it'd be fun to see what Owen would look like as a gargoyle, even though that obviously wasn't possible.

MacBeth... Was MacBeth in town for The Mirror, and if so, was he changed into a gargoyle? Puck said "All humans on this concrete isle...", and MacBeth is still a human, albeit a magically immortal one. Again, fun to imagine.

And, I know you don't like hypotheticals, but would a fey in human form, such as Anastasia Renard have been affected by the spell or not, since you said that in mortal form, Oberon's Children take on all aspects of that form.


Greg responds...

In my opinion, yes, Anastasia -- had she been in town, which is unlikely -- would have transformed. Of course, at will she could abandon her mortal (now gargoyle) form for and look however she wanted.

Response recorded on May 08, 2003