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person writes...

I haven't seen Deadly Force, and they won't play it on toondisney. I wish I could see it, but I mostly want to know what happend.

Greg responds...

There are better places, and certainly quicker places, on the web to learn this info, but on the assumption that a person is still checking this site 20 months after posting this question, here's a brief synopsis:

Dracon steels Xanatos' prototype guns. Elisa confronts him, but has no evidence. Broadway goes to see a movie, and then goes to Elisa's home. Imitating the cowboys on the film, he picks up Elisa's handgun and accidentally fires off a round. Elisa is shot. Broadway takes her to the hospital then hides. Elisa comes close to dying. Goliath, Maria Chavez, Matt Bluestone and Elisa's family all assume that Dracon shot her. Goliath tracks Dracon. Broadway, meanwhile, goes on an anti-gun rampage and winds up tracing the weapons back to Dracon. Goliath attacks Dracon, but Broadway stops him from killing Dracon, admitting his mistake. Goliath destroys the weapons before Owen can buy them back. Goliath and Broadway stand vigil outside Elisa's hospital room.

Response recorded on August 27, 2003