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Phil writes...

Hi, Greg! Thanks for answering our questions.

I went back and read the entire archive, and I'm fascinated by your previous work as a development executive at Disney. You wrote that you worked on everything from the Gummi Bears to Gargoyles; that's an impressive list.

My questions:
1) How does a studio like Disney get ideas for new series? Are they primarily generated internally?

2) If an animation fan somewhere in the Midwest with no Hollywood connections had an idea for an animated series, how would he go about making his ideas known?

Good luck catching up on our questions. I'll be looking for my answer sometime in the spring. (Just teasing!)

Greg responds...

1. Yes. Or at least they were in my day. (I sound so old.)

2. Carefully. Put together a PROFESSIONAL presentation and use it to get Los Angeles area representation. Use the representation to get meetings with development execs. Good luck. You'll need it.

Response recorded on March 11, 2000