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Vasy writes...

Hello Mr Greg Weisman. I wnated to ask you a question not about gargoyles in particular, but about animation and allthat other cartoony stuff in general. I am a Computer Scientist, and I am very interested in computer graphics, game graphics. I love looking at cartoons from 80's to today and see how better they have gotten. They even have 100% computer animated shows like Beast Wars and stuff. My question to you is, how do I go about getting a job in this field. I know gargoyles had some computer graphicing and animation involved. Basically, I am lost on my search to becoming a great animator. Can you give me any advice, tips on what to read, languages I should know, and anything else that might be helpful. Thanks a lot.

Greg responds...

Gargoyles had absolutely NO computer animation in it, except maybe in the main titles for GOLIATH CHRONICLES.

I've worked on some computer animated shows since, however like ROTG, Starship Troopers and Max Steel.

Still, I'm not an animator (computer or otherwise) so I'm really not the best guy to give you tips.

I recommend finding a computer animated show that you like (you mentioned Beast Wars) and contacting the studio that produces the animation (I believe that's MainFrame in Vancouver). Contact them politely, as you did me, and I'm sure someone there will be helpful. And if they're not, then contact another company that produces another show.

But, Vasy, first... LEARN TO PROOFREAD. Nothing impresses people LESS than typos.

Response recorded on April 07, 2000