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Vashkoda writes...

You said that Wyvern and St. Damiens were both built over "a nexus of energy"/"holy ground".

1) Will New Camelot also be built over such a "nexus"?

2) Is Avalon just one REALLY big nexus?

3) Is the "mystic energy" that flows from these nexuses of a general "earth magic" nature, or is it specific--depending on the nexus--for either "fae" or "mortal" magic?

4) You said that the Megalith Dance and the other ruins "sorta"/"not really" were the reason why the Archmage came to Wyvern. Was it then the nexus that drew him there?

5a) You called such places "holy ground". Do you also have plans of incorporating the traditional belief that undead creatures hate holy ground into the series? (I know you have plans for vampires, which is why I wonder) b) If so, and if you answered yes to #2, does that mean that such creatures cannot go to Avalon?

6) Who can detect these "nexuses"? Does it depend on profession (priest, wizard) or race (fae, gargoyle, human, lost), or is the ability randomly and equally dispersed among earthlings?

Greg responds...

1. Parts of it.

2. YES!

3. More the former, but there can be elements of one or the other or all of the above.

4. Not exactly.

5a. I always have plans.

5b. I don't always reveal my plans.

6. Very little in the Gargoyles universe is Random. That's not necessarily a good thing. But you're stuck with it.

Response recorded on November 13, 2000