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Tiffany writes...

Okay, I'm new to the Gargoyles show, but what I've seen so far has got me hooked. I recently found out that the show was cancelled a long time ago and is running on reruns. (new to me) Anyway, I take it you've probably been asked this question a thousand times, but I searched the archives and can't find the answer or question anywhere. So, I have to ask:
What can I or my friends do to help the show get back up and running? Should I get petitions signed and sent to Disney or what? I'd love to help, and can't wait to do whatever I can.

Greg responds...

Tiffany, I love you.

But I don't have any new suggestions to make. (Check the archives again for the old suggestions.)

If ratings for Toon Disney's airings of Gargoyles started going through the roof, that would help a lot. So the best suggestion I can make is to turn all your friends on to the show, particularly anyone with a Nielson People Meter. The more people watching the better.

The other suggestion is to help us all keep an active fandom alive. Get involved and get as many people as you can involved. Come to G2000 in Orlando and get your friends to come. If we all speak with one LARGE voice, we have a chance.

Response recorded on December 29, 1999