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Airwalker writes...

If Gargoyles was to come back in a sort of comic form, which of the following formats would you prefer and which do you think would be possible to put out without getting cancelled within a few months:

- A regular as usual 32 page Monthly comic book for 1.99

- An Archie Comic-like digest that would contain various short illustrated Gargoyles stories for about 3-5 dollars

- A full monthly magazine with a few illustrated Gargoyles stories, a few Gargoyles text pieces and some other various materials ala historical exploration material on various elements in the Gargoyles universe (Pendragon, Easter Island, etc) for about 6.95 or so

- An every few month's Trade paperback containing a whole storyline and a short text piece ala something like Usagi YoJimbo Trade paperbacks for 15 dollars.

Greg responds...

Well, I'd go for any of the above. Whatever we could get. (Though the last options seems impossible from a deadline stand-point. Are you sure those Trade Paperbacks aren't gathering together previously published stories.)

I guess it's no secret I'd love to publish a magazine akin to your third option. I guess that would be my first choice. Offering the most flexibility.

As for what would survive cancellation. I'm afraid I've been out of comics (both as a professional and as a reader) for too long to pretend any expertise.

Response recorded on December 30, 1999