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Anonymous writes...

You realize of course that giving us vague information on future gargoyle stories and the six spinoffs only hypes gargoyles beyond proportion making it impossible for you to satisfy your audience or at least those who have read about the master plan. I mean some people are expecting your to deliver something rivaling Babylon 5 which is nearly impossible and also TGS and the other fanfics are also setting your vision so if you do something which will make the fanfic universes appear off track like that owen being puck thing then you'll alienate a lot of hardcore fans. Example of this is Star Wars fans who grew up on the sequel novels and comics which is in someway fan fanfiction since they aren't exactly canon are demanding the appearances or cameos of novel or comic characters in the prequel movies or the legitimazation of the non canon novels and comics.

1.Do you understand what I am talking about?
2.Have I changed your mind about revealing more secrets of the gargoyles universe?

Greg responds...

1. I understand exactly what you're talking about and it's a fear of mine. But what's the alternative? Seriously? What?

2. I'm moody. Sometimes I'm in the mood, sometimes I'm not. I've given away too much already to pretend that stopping now will chill the effect you're discussing.

On the other hand, almost EVERYONE knows that I have a policy to not read any FANFICTION including TGS, so I don't think anyone's expecting, say, Jericho (who I've heard of but never read about) to appear in Gargoyles should it come back. I'm not going to legitimize anyone's anything except my own, because I can't. The fans know this. So I'm not particularly worried about alienating them by not including their creations.

On the other hand, disappointing them is a very real possibility.

As for 'rivaling Babylon 5' -- I'm uninterested in competing. All I want is to have a chance to tell my stories. Some of the shock value, the surprise, is gone. But if you liked how I told the first 66 stories, than I think you'll like how I tell the rest. Even if you're more aware of what's coming.

Response recorded on September 03, 2001