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Acheron writes...

hey there

Has it ever been proposed to you to purchase the rights to Gargoyles from Buena Vista TV? Perhaps start a fund the fans could contribute to in order to raise the money. After all, they sure don't seem to be doing anything with them.

Call it a suggestion I guess, but since it's not story related it's okay, right? ^_^; Just a thought.

Greg responds...

It's been suggested many times. Often right here at ASK GREG. Check out the "Bringing Gargoyles Back" archive.

It's not realistic. First off, Disney doesn't sell off it's animated properties -- EVER!!!

Second, if they did it would cost a fortune.

Third, they ARE developing (slowly) a live action movie. Whether or not that ever sees the light of day, you can see that Disney hasn't completely lost interest in the property.

Response recorded on September 06, 2001