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Lucy Valko writes...

Dear Mr. Weisman!
I am a great fan of your "Gargoyles" and the fact that the show has been stopped still (in 2001!) breaks my heart . Realistically, is there any hope of its ever coming back?

Also, I haven't been in North America in 1997 to see the final (so far...) "Gargoyles" season ("The Goliath Chronicles"), and it's not on the re-runs. Do you know where/how I could get a chance to see the last 13 episodes?

And one final question: the "Gargoyles-Fans" website contains "The Gargoyles Saga" which by plot goes far beyond the last tv episode. Does this Saga have any relation to what the actual show might have been if the series haven't been cancelled?

Thank you for your patience!
PS: PLEASE-PLEASE-PLEASE bring the gargoyles back !!!!
a heart-broken fan :(

Greg responds...

Thanks for being a fan.

Yes, there's hope. For a more complete answer check the ASK GREG archive "Bringing Gargoyles Back".

And no I don't know how to arrange for you to see the Goliath Chronicles. Sorry.

And no, I have nothing to do with The Gargoyles Saga, though I understand they've made use of certain things I have revealed. I haven't even read it.

Response recorded on September 09, 2001