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Airportman writes...

OK, Greg--

Don't laugh, but I have an idea about how to get Gargoyles back on the air. Here's the lowdown:

I've been looking through the archives, specifically the "Bringing Gargoyles Back" one, and I've come across a lot of questions like, "What can I do to bring Gargoyles back?" The answer, howerver, is always the same: "Write letters to Disney, or Buena Vista and ask for the show back, or petition a DVD release of the series." We all know letters are more efficient than emails at these sorts of things, but idividual letters won't do anything compared to an organized, letter-writing campaign. I'm guessing that most of the time you tell people to write in, they don't, because they don't have a clue as to where to start. No address or anything. I suggest that we organize a campaign right here on ASK GREG. I suggest that a new addition to the main page be added, with information about addresses and people to whom we should write. If this info were advertized on the Station 8 Gargoyles page, I'm sure all these people who read ASK GREG would write in; I know I would. Maybe we could persuade some of the other Gargoyles fan pages to advertize it too. I think if we concentrate on a few key Disney and Buena Vista addresses, and absolutely flood them with mail, the message might get through. I'd be willing to help coordinate the campaign, but to be honest, I don't know where to begin. I know you're not in charge of designing the page or anything, but I'm guessing whoever is is probably reading this. Tell me what you think of this idea; I think it can work.

Greg responds...

Lots of thoughts -- in no particular order...

1. Thank you for caring about this. It means a lot to me.

2. Don't count on the notion that Gore reads all these questions. He may not have seen this suggestion. If you're serious and want his help, contact him directly.

3. An organized letter writing campaign would be terrific. I would start with a small focus, a small goal. Get the series released on DVD. I'd recommend contacting Walt Disney Television Animation, Walt Disney (or is it Buena Vista) Home Video and Michael Eisner.

4. ASK GREG is definitely not the site to organize this. Sorry. But if the campaign seems to have been generated by me or by something so obviously connected to me, then it won't look like it's coming from the fans. It'll look like I'm being self-serving. (Which I suppose I am in a way, but it's best if we keep that between us.)

5. Airportman, if you're interested in coordinating this effort, then I say go for it and thanks. You say you don't know where to begin, but you seem to have outlined many of the steps above. You need to figure out (a) what to say, (b) where to send the message and (c) how to publicize the campaign so that you get as many people involved as possible. Good luck.

Response recorded on November 13, 2001