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John writes...

Hi Greg,
Just wanted to say hi and ask something, I never really "wanted" to ask. I just hope Gorebash lets it in:
Do you still have "hope", and with that I mean are you... well... quite sure, that one day we'll get Gargoyles back? And if yes, do you think that it still will be Disney or maybe an independent corporation?
I just ask because I am quite sure, that Disney are to arrogant to put a show back on, that they just named as a "flop".
Well, Thanks for asking this hard question.
CU, John

Greg responds...

Let's start here. I don't think anyone at Disney ever labeled Gargoyles a "flop". They didn't think it was a home run, certainly, and because they had high expectations, they were disappointed in its performance, but no one ever would call it a flop. And in any case, there's an entirely different group of people in charge now.

They still air the show. Daily on Toon Disney. So it must do fairly well for them, even today.

For more details check the archives and FAQ, but, yes, I do think there's a chance that Disney will someday bring the show back in some way, shape or form.

Response recorded on November 13, 2003