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Phil writes...

I've enjoyed reading the G2198 proposal, but now I'm going back into the Ask Greg archive for a question. On 9/5/2000 you posted that the G2158 revamp forced you to go back and make adjustments to both DARK AGES and "Three Brothers." It also necessitated minor changes to TIME DANCER and clarified your thinking on PENDRAGON and BAD GUYS. (end of paraphrase) I can see where it would change TIME DANCER, but what kinds of things did you have to change in the other spin-offs? I'm not asking for specifics, just a general idea.

Greg responds...

I had to think about the nature of Arthur's immortality.

I had to posit forward what happens to a lot of characters in a lot of shows.

I realized in doing more detailed math that Tachi did not hatch until after Brooklyn, Katana, Nash and Fu Dog returned to 1997. When they came back, she was still an egg.

Basically, I went through the entire TimeLine (all I know of it at least) from WAY, WAY back when to 2198. I literally went through every episode and assigned days and dates to every canon event in the 66 episodes I was involved in.

It took me a year. From G2000 to G2001. But the good new is that now I'm fairly confident that I got it right. When I have the timeline with me, which I don't at the moment, I can speak from real confidence about all this stuff.

Response recorded on August 15, 2001