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matt writes...

in "Sentinel" when Elisa has lost her memory and Goliath is trying to explain things to her, he says that they have been friends for over a year. i would've thought that at that time it was around two years, am i wrong? have you gotten this far in your chronology? how far are you in the chronology?

oh, and what is the earliest date in your chronology of the Garg Universe?

Greg responds...

They met in the fall of '94. Sentinel took place in the spring of '96. Over a year, right?

And I don't have the timeline with me here at home...

It's forever a work in progress, but it's 'done' for now.

I forget the earliest date. But the last date at the moment is 2198. I know a few things that happen after 2198, but I haven't set a date for them yet.

Response recorded on September 01, 2001