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Gary S. writes...

Dear Mr. Wiseman:

What became of the new hunters right after the end of Gargoyles' 2nd Season? I mean did Jason and her sister went to jail for destroying the police station? Was their other brother responsible for creation the Quarrymen? Did the Quarrymen forced Jason to use his technology on the Gargoyles? Did Jason became a civil rights activist or what?
I hope I'm not asking to much. I'm just curious.

Greg responds...

Jason went to a halfway house where he could rehab and serve out his sentence under some semblance of restriction.

Robyn was coerced into leading the Redemption Squad (aka Bad Guys).

Jon changed his name to John Castaway and became the founder of the Quarrymen.

Jason would be the subject of Jon, Robyn and Elisa's on-going interest -- as he personally struggled to redirect his life.

Response recorded on December 30, 1999