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Todd Jensen writes...

This is something that I recently thought of, in light of your comments about maces being a gargoyle's natural enemy. According to what I've read and heard, "maza" is actually Spanish for "mace". While I don't think that that was a consideration in making it Elisa's surname (given that you said that you went for it because you were under the impression that it was a Sioux word for "iron" - but later on found out that it wasn't), I did find it amusing and ironic, and thought that you might be interested in learning this as well.

Greg responds...

I WAS told that "Maza" meant "iron" in Sioux. But now I'm not sure if that information was accurate. Does anyone know if "Maza" means "iron" in any Native American language or dialect?

But yes, the irony is kinda cool. The only one who can break through Goliath's considerable defenses is the woman with the mace. Further proof that the Gargoyles Universe exists, and I'm only tapping into it. And further proof that I screwed up by making the weapon in "Vendettas" a battle axe and not a mace.

Response recorded on September 02, 2000