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Melissa writes...

Hey Greg,

I've always thought that Elisa was one of the greatest characters on the show. She is a positive role model for not only girls/women, but to everyone. She is strong, intelligent, and a great cop. Which got me to thinking.

In the last scene of "Metamorphosis", Elisa is crying in the middle of what seems to be a haystack in the clock tower over her brother's mutation. I would have never thought that a strong character like her, would sit down and cry in a haystack while the gargoyles can plainy see her. Not that crying is bad or anything, but it seems too out-of-character for Elisa to choose to have the gargoyles see her bawl, when she could have gone back to her apartment instead. Was there any significance or reason why she did decide to go to the clocktower?

(Any additional comments on this scene would be great as well!)

Greg responds...

A haystack?

Anyway, I think Elisa is a good role model. Flawed, but strong.

But I don't think that her crying in front of her friends is a flaw. I think it shows strength of character. She doesn't need to hide her emotions. And though they couldn't help her, I think she wanted to be surrounded by those that she loved and loved her, since she couldn't be with her brother.

As to why in the clock tower, keep in mind that Goliath probably flew her back to the clock tower/precinct house from the Castle. And that her car was at the precinct. So instead of waiting to break down until she got home. "Being brave". She was honest.

Response recorded on September 09, 2000