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Aris Katsaris writes...

Concerning the whole "Maza" debate. I searched the Internet for about 10 minutes and in http://www.code-it.com/translation.htm there's an English-Lakota(Sioux) dictionary.

It says "Maza" indeed means "iron". Congrats - that's one mistake that wasn't made. :-)

Greg responds...

I thank you. And though he doesn't realize it, Paul Lacy thanks you. He's the one that did the original research that got us that name.

I guess Elisa is Very Multi-Racial. You have to figure that on her mother's side she most likely has both African and Caucasian ancestors. And on her father's side we're looking (at minimum) at Sioux and Hopi. With possibly some Navajo in there too.

For some reason that pleases me.

Am I missing anything?

Response recorded on September 12, 2000