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Anonymous writes...

Hi Greg, one of fan who prepare summaries for the episodes noted that he had a real problem with Golem. Essentially, it was that if the Golem was supposed to protect the Jewish community, why wasn't it activated during the Nazi Holocaust? Why would fate dictate that the Golem be used to fight the mob and not the Nazi's? How would you answer that charge?

Greg responds...

It's a charge? Strong words. Who said a Golem didn't appear during WWII?
I'm not saying one did, but just because that specific Golem hadn't been used in a few centuries, doesn't mean it's the only one that ever existed. A golem itself is just clay and earth, rocks and stone. In and of itself, it isn't hard to craft. It's bringing it to life that's tough. There may have been a lot of different "models" over the centuries. Also activating any Golem requires someone like Max, who's learnd how to do it in a dream. There are a lot of reasons why another generation's Max might fail in this task.
It's a story for another day. Not a hole in continuity.