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Gipdac writes...

I noticed that Lex and BW seem to fight very well together starting from about the time Brook became second-in-command on through "The Journey".
1) Was that intentional or a) just a fluke or b) am I reading to much into something that isn't really there?
2) If the first is true is it because a) they really also fought better together or b) maybe they were a little closer than Brook is with them or c) is it more to illustrate how Brook started to feel isolated.

Greg responds...

1. I think you're reading too much into something that was ALREADY there. All three of them (or any two) fight well together. That at least won't change as they all grow.

Let me make something clear. I've stated that (especially with "The Journey" and my plans for "TimeDancer") that the old Three Musketeers go everywhere together Trio would become a thing of the past. That they would grow as gargoyles into adults and each find their own lives.

But let's not overstate this. The three of them will always be best friends. All three of them. Whatever, wherever and whenever life takes them, they are brothers. Nothing will ever separate them, save Death. And even that is debatable.

2. N.A.

Response recorded on September 11, 2001