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Anonymous writes...

Mr. Weisman, I have two questios that I would appreciate learning the answers to:
1) You said the Sisters wee able to give immortality to MacBeth and Demona because they both asked the sisters to intervene. What justification did the Sisters use to get around Oberon's Law in "High Noon" and "Avalon" when they magically controlled MacBeth and Demona?
2)How would you have had the Maza family react to the relationship between Elisa and Goliath? Don't get me wrong, I love this part of the series, but I can't help thinking that Peter and Diane would have some trouble accepting a gargoyle as a son-in-law.

Greg responds...

1) The Sisters used the events of "City of Stone" to weaken Macbeth and Demona's wills. They took them at extremely vulnerable moments when they willingly abandoned control of their own destinies out of despair. It's a tiny loophole, but that's all the Sisters needed. As I'm sure you've noticed, Oberon isn't exactly a stickler for the letter of the law.
2) Jeff, I'm not entirely sure. We were a long way from any equivalent to Goliath being an "in-law". Goliath and Elisa had not even discussed their relationship. They'd never even gone out on a date (though they'd certainly had some romantic moments). I don't like to plan characters emotional responses too far in advance, but my gut reaction is that the guy who would have the most trouble with it would be Derek. Beth would get it. Peter would be wary. Diane would want to make sure Elisa fully understood what she was sacrificing. But I think Derek might have a real problem with it.