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Brandeewine (Julie Cavignac) writes...

Greg, I just wanted to comment, and say how much I have really enjoyed reading all of your ramblings and tidbits of information given. Many responses you give to questions are so "smart ass" that it is hillarious. I would tell you how cool you are, but if I do, your head will probably swell to some unimaginable size, considering how often you hear it. :-P In case you couldn't tell, I was just kidding. Just the same, I love your work, as well as all of the cool Background info on the shows. I hope everything is going ok for you, your classes, your wife and you kid(s). Keep it cool.

Greg responds...

My wife and kids are doing great.

I start teaching a new class this week, so ask me how it's doing in a few.

The career's been better (way better if you count Gargoyles) but I am, strangely at peace (at least as of this second) about that. And I'm really enjoying my Voice Directing work on 3X3 Eyes.

Thanks for asking. And thanks for the kind words.

Response recorded on April 03, 2000