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Homer Thompson writes...

I read in the archives that you liked the Simpsons and Futurama.

1.Which episodes do you like the most?

2.What do you think of the new eiposdes thay had the last years (2-3 years ago)compared to the first ones (87-97)?

Greg responds...

1. I have a number of favorites. A few Simpsons that spring to mind is Lisa learning about her fist love in the future; the chili cook-off; the first couple Side-Show Bob episodes; the one with John Waters; and many, many others...

2. I think that recent Simpsons though still funny are a bit too random for my tastes. No coherent storylines that take things through from beginning to end, rendering most themes that they half-heartily try to employ as useless. But I still watch cuz individual bits still make me laugh.

Futurama however has the energy and story strength that I think Simpsons is now lacking.

And King of the Hill may be better than both of them. (I don't like the art as much, but I've gotten used to it.)

Response recorded on August 30, 2001