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Shan writes...

Greg said:

It's a bit of fluff, but I remember really liking it. Fun fluff. (It probably didn't hurt that in rehearsing the kiss between Antiope and Theseus, Elizabeth and I sort of discovered that we liked each other. As a result, we were boyfriend and girlfriend throughout my senior year of high school. So, as you can imagine, my memories of the play are rather fond.) Elizabeth also recently reminded me that David Schwimmer, now of FRIENDS, played Giganius the Herald.

Shan asks:

I don't mean to pry too much but does Elizabeth = your wife Beth? (You don't usually refer to her as Elizabeth)

I think this the case, but there is the possibility you dated a different Elizabeth that you still talk to and need to distinguish the two. (This is coming from someone who dated two different people named Robert, one was my first relationship and the other my ex-fiance.)

Thank you.

Greg responds...

No. Elizabeth was my high school girlfriend.

I met my wife Beth (which isn't short for anything) in graduate school.

But Elizabeth and I are still friends, though I haven't actually laid eyes on her in years, because we live on opposite ends of the country. But we exchange e-mail periodically.

Response recorded on January 14, 2002