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Wolfram Bane (wolfram_bane@hotmail.com) writes...

Weisman, Greg

Given the 'everything is real' concept, does Greg Weisman, gargoyle scholar, exist within the Gargoyles universe?

Greg responds...

I never said that "everything is real".

The Weird Sisters believe that "All things are true".

There's a huge difference in my mind.

As to whether there's a Greg Weisman in the Garg Universe, I honestly haven't given it any thought. Which in and of itself seems strange, don't you think?

I've thought about me being transported to the Garg Universe. And after seeing "Galaxy Quest" (directed by Dean Parisot, a dad in my kids' Indian Guides and Indian Princess Tribes), I thought about what would happen if the gargs actually showed up at the Gathering, but I haven't thought about whether or not I have a parallel version over there.

And now I can't because you just submitted it as an idea.

Oh, well.

Response recorded on October 15, 2003