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Lord Sloth writes...

Do you know what your son Benny meant 2 years ago, when he said:

"I want to say that Mama likes Bigtime and Iggy and I like them, but I shoo them. And I'm sorry about that."

I don't believe this riddle had anything to do with the post it came with, which was asking about a connection between Owen's role as an assistant compared to Robin Goodfellow's role as housekeeper, but you never know. Perhaps you could ask him if he's around at the moment.
And is he perchance, referring to Iggy Pop, or to Iggy the lovable power generating rat?

I'm sure there's some profound meaning here, but I just can't comprehend it.

Greg responds...

He's referring to our two cats, Iggy and Bigtime. When you have that piece of information, I think his comments make more sense. I don't know how profound they are, but they do speak to a profound (or at least momentary) sense of regret.

Response recorded on April 23, 2004