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Todd Jensen writes...

Did you really mean it about having a story planned for "Gargoyles" involving Santa Claus? I must confess that old St. Nick seems easier to fit into a comedy-adventure series like "Duck Tales" than something on a more serious epic level like "Gargoyles" - and I assume that you weren't going to have that story be the stereotypical "bad guys hijack Santa's sleigh and our heroes have to rescue Santa and save Christmas" one - at least, I HOPE that that wasn't the sort of story you'd planned :)

Greg responds...

Yes, I meant it. But have a little faith. It would have fit our tone and our general handling of mythic figures from Macbeth to Anansi to Oberon. Admittedly, if the series tone could run the gammut from "Future Tense" to "Vendettas", it would have been closer to the latter than the former, I suppose. But it still, first and foremost, would have been something that worked within our universe.

Response recorded on February 23, 2000