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Anonymous writes...

Eeee! Run away! More questions! ^_^
[1] How did the museum know enough about Titania's Mirror so that they
could publicize it (as such)?

[2] Given that there would be only twelve clans by the time of the
"Future Tense" spinoff, what effect would the comparatively limited gene pool have
on the survival of the gargoyle race?

[2] About how long does it usually take for a gargoyle egg to be laid
after its fertilization? i.e., is there some kind of gestation period? (I know
next to nothing about biology, BTW. :P)

[3] What happens to eggs that are left unfertilized?

[4] Do gargoyles all over the world (excluding the Avalon clan & the
TimeDancing Katana, maybe) operate on the same 20-year fertility
le? -4a) Okay, what about Angela?

[5] Here's a horrible morbid question -- have gargoyle eggs ever been
filched in order to make giant breakfast omelets? :9

Greg responds...

O.K., but no more food questions.
1. From the Museum's point of view, it was just the traditional
name for this ancient work of craftsmanship. They weren't aware of any
magical properties.
2. They'd be on the verge of a minor comeback thanks to some
careful planning.
2 #2. I haven't yet established the internal gestation period of a
fertilized egg. I imagine unfertilized eggs go through some process akin to
menstruation. But I haven't given it any thought.
3. No number 3.
4. Yes. 4a. Angela will have attuned to the normal gargoyle cycle
by 2008.
5. Omelets? I doubt it. Food, probably.

(GDW / 7-22-98)

Response recorded on July 22, 1998