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Kayless writes...

October and Halloween are approaching so I thought I'd ask some Werewolf questions.

1. Wolf is a genetically altered Werewolf. The Eye of Odin briefly turned Fox into a Werefox. Yet we never saw a true Werewolf despite Princess Katharine's hint; 'silver be for Vampire's and Weres'. Did you ever intend on featuring one in your stories or did the aforementioned characters fill your personal quota for Werebeasts?

2. Are the Werepanthers (can't remember their names) vulnerable to silver like Werewolves? They didn't seem like true Werebeasts to me due to the fact that they changed into full panthers and not hybrids, as is customary with most Werewolf tales.

3. Is it possible for a Gargoyle to contract Lycanthropy? (Mighty inconvenient since Gargs are only active at night)

4. Or a Fae? (Highly unlikely but you never know)

5. Or a New Olympian?

6. What is cause of Lycanthropy? Is it a curse based on Fae magic like in 'Mark of the Panther' or something else?

7. Is it something you're born with or something you contract? Or possibly both?

8. What would a Werewolf change into? A full wolf or a bipedal hybrid?

9. How much control do they maintain over their altered forms? Are they savage beast like the creature Fox turned into, or do they retain their lucid thoughts?

10. Do they change ever night, during the full moon, or at their leisure?

That's probably enough Lycanthropic related question for now.

Greg responds...

1. Eventually.

2. Maybe.

3. Why not?

4. Doubtful.

5. Possibly.

6. Lots of causes obviously.

7. Ditto.

8. Can't give you one answer.

9. I'm not going to get that specific now.

10. Depends on the cause.

Response recorded on September 27, 2000