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Anonymous writes...

1. I know that the Archmadge died in "Avalon", part three episode. He said that the Grimorum was part of him and it went wherever he went. I was wondering would the Archmadge and the Grimorum appear as one again? The Grimorum had powerful magic that was hard to destroy. So, is the Archmadge really dead? 2. How did Princess Elantra and Prince Malcolm die? They were the parents of Princess Catherine. I saw them in "Vows" and "Long Wait to Morning", but I didn't see them in the beginning of the series in the opener of "Awakening". 3. (a) The Canmores hunted Demona for one-thousandth years. In those years, did they kill other gargoyles or clans of them in the process? (b) Are they responsible for why other gargoyles are not around one-thousandth years later? (c) Or did other humans betray andkill other gargoyles around the world in those one-thousandth years? (d) Did Demona herself witness some of this destruction? (e) If she did, is this the main reason she wanted to exterminate all humans? (f) Did she fear that humans will destroy all gargoyles? 4. Will "Gargoyles: The GoliathChronicles" come on synidcation or home video?

Greg responds...

1. The Grimorum burnt up when the Eye of Odin was removed from the Archmage. Since the Grimorum was part of the Archmage at the time, the Archmage burnt up with it. So yes, he's really dead.

2. Princess Elena died before "Long Way To Morning". Malcolm died before "Awakening". I have ideas about their demises, but I don't feel like revealing them yet. Sorry.

3. Whew. A lot of questions for one number. I added letters to make them easier to answer.

(a). They may have killed a gargoyle here and there, but largely they were on a very specific Demon hunt.

(b). Partially, although gargoyles were nearly extinct by the time of "Awakening" let alone "City of Stone".

(c). Yeah, that too.

(d). We know she did.

(e). It's always been "the main reason", but she didn't need the Hunters to start believing that. Remember Hakon?

(f). Remember Hakon?

4. I have no idea -- though I tend to doubt it.