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Anonymous writes...

Hello again.

1. Would we again see the world of the episode "Future Tense"?

2. How do you picture New York in 2158?

3. Would any of the original New York clan be alive in 2158?(excluding the time Brooklyn is there during his Timedancer journey.)

4. In what year did Macbeth arrive in america?

5. In what year did Demona arrive in america?

6. Are Alex and Fox immortal?

7. Besides Owen, Alex, Demona, and the inhabitants of Avalon, who from the original series will be around in 2158?(Example: Will Fox still be around?)

8. What is the disease that is killing Renard?

9. In what year did humans and gargoyles happen to become allies in scotland?

10. In "Future Tense", was the part about Lexington becoming a cyborg a dream or part of the furture?

11. Was the part about Lexington become evil in "Future Tense" a dream or part of the future? Thank for answering these questions Mr. Weisman.

Greg responds...


1. No. Not really, though certain elements of it might have leaked into our reality. Like Alex's name and the destruction of the Clock Tower.

2. With my mind.

3. Maybe.

4. Which time?

5. Which time?

6. Depends on how you define "immortal".

7. Nokkar. A few others.

8. Good question. I had a story in mind for the third season where Renard would finally succumb to his illness. I planned on doing research for that story, but since I didn't do the third season, I never got around to doing the research. I was going to start by researching Multiple Sclerosis, but allow me to make this clear: I would not have used that or any disease before making absolutely sure I had my facts straight. Also I would not have made up an illness.

9. Alliances come and go. At Wyvern, Prince Malcolm and Hudson came to their initial arrangement in 971 when Malcolm's half-brother Kenneth II was crowned king of Scotland.

10. Time will tell. Or I will. Someday. Not now.

11. Ditto.