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matt writes...

i just watched "City of Stone Pt. 1" and i thought of something strange. Demona's spell steals one minute of life from all that see and hear it, right? i just can't imagine that Xanatos or Owen would believe this! i did the calculations and found that Demona would have to cast the spell on 525 million people to live a thousand years!!! 525,000,000!!!!! thats a TON of people. i know a thousand years is a long time to cast spells, but lets say that she casts this spell on a crowd of an average of 50 people, if the spell takes 30 seconds to cast she spent about 10 years of her life casting this spell!!! 10 YEARS constantly repeating this incantation!! yes, i know she didn't do all these spells in a row, i'm just putting it into perspective... another 500 years she was sleeping in stone, she certaintly wouldn't have alot of free time. she would've had to cast this spell on about 30 people a day, for a thousand years!! i understand that since Demona was lying none of this really matters, but what bugs me is that Xanatos and Owen so easily believed her. maybe Xanatos isn't as smart as we think, eh?

Greg responds...

Maybe he's just less anal than you.

Response recorded on May 02, 2001