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Gipdac writes...

1) What is the name of the Mayan wizard that made the Sun Amulet?
2) Was s/he male or female?
3a) Did s/he have a 'title'? (Like Magus was The Magus, and Archmage was The Archmage) b) What was it?
4) In the show they said that the wizard made the Sun Amulet in the tenth century. What year was it?
5a) Did the wizard have some kind of conduit? (Like the Grimorum?) b) If so, what was it?

Greg responds...

1. Eye Dono

2. Yes.

3. Yes. Eye Dono.

4. Are you sure about your facts? I do not have a specific date down for the actual forging of the Amulet. But I do show that by 990, the Mayans and Gargoyles were watching over the rain forest around Chac Ixchel.

5a. Eye Dono.

Response recorded on March 04, 2002