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Lord Sloth writes...

Hello Greg.
I just read your responce to my question of how Goliath and Hudson view their homes. I mostly understand now, the Goliath part anywhey. But I still think Hudson would of been the most stubbern about leaving the castle with his "protecting the castle and breathing the air" attitude. What made him so practical at first and then stubbern by reawakening? Sorry if I'm just not getting it.

Greg responds...

I just don't see him as stubborn in Reawakening at all. He simply hadn't made the mental leap from "castle" (i.e. the clock tower) to community (i.e. the island) that Goliath had made. He had had no reason to make that leap until Goliath pointed it out. At which point he saw the light and adjusted instantly.

As for his attitude in Enter Macbeth, I think he had already awakened to find the castle moved from Wyvern weeks earlier. I think he already felt like they had lost their home.

Response recorded on July 20, 2001