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Firestar formerly The Souldier writes...

I was watching The Gathering part 2 recently, and got to wondering, what is Hudson's sword made out of? It's obviously not iron otherwise it would ave cut through Oberon's hair (jst as a reminder as the gargs were fighting Oberon he made strands of his hair go and grab Goliath). It was suggested to me that maybe the sword is bronze, but that has a couple of problems: 1. Obviously if it's bronze the color is wrong, 2. Bronze is a realtivly soft metal and doesn't hold an edge very well. The more logical possibility I can think of is that the sword has some sort of magic in it, but i would think that would allow it to harm Oberon, so it doesn't seem that that likely. The less logical possibility that popped into my head is that Gargoyles are secretly insanely good metal workers, and the had discovered some sort of alloy that worked very well in weaponry. If you don't know, it's no big deal, your a creator, not a metalurgist.

Greg responds...

I don't know. Can't it be steel?

By the way, he got the sword from a Viking.

Response recorded on June 01, 2004