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Ed writes...

Glasses never really did much apart from carry out Dracon's orders. So a couple of Glasses questions.

1. Did you ever consider giving him a further role?
2. (And in case you try the annoying answer for question one) if so, what was it? ^_^
3. Does Glasses really feel that much loyalty to Dracon? That is, if he felt it was worth his while, would he be willing to help Brod or whatever? Dracon certainly seems to take him for granted a lot.
4. How far back do Dracon and Glasses go?

Greg responds...

1. Yeah. I liked Glasses a lot. I really like the name "Glasses".
2. I wanted to see him emerge as more of a leader than a follower.
3. I can't see Glasses going to Brod. If not Dracon, why not Glasses?
4. Early teens.

Response recorded on February 24, 2000