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Aaron writes...

I asked these before, but they either vanished into the ether, or got pulled for reasons I can't figure out.

Just a couple of questions about Dracon.

1. What, roughly, is Dracon's ranking in the New York underworld? (Capo, Sub-capo, etc)
2. Is Dracon his own boss, or does he report to someone?
3. Is Tony's grandfather still an active participant in the "Family business" or is he retired now?
4. Does Tony have any family we haven't seen?
5. If so, are they active in the "Family business"?
6. Off subject, but have you caught any episodes of the Sopranos?

Greg responds...

1. This is another question I'd probably have to do more research on to NAIL down. Suffice it to say, that at one point he was one of only a few major operators in NYC. His powerbase has been devastated of course, since. "TURF" really wiped him out.

2. In theory, Dracon reported to the head of the Dracon family. In practice, he operated solo.

3. Dominic's sanity didn't do well, coming out of "SILVER FALCON" -- or at least that's what his lawyer said. He was retired. Came out of retirement for "Silver Falcon". Now he's in Bellevue.

4. Yes.

5. Some of them.

6. Yes. I've seen the whole first season. And the first five episodes of season two. I don't get HBO, so I have to wait and see it on video, (my brother records it for me).

Response recorded on April 07, 2000