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matt writes...

thanx alot Jade for going through the series and changing every noun in every line to "light buld". wish i'd thought of that one... too bad the contest is OVER!

sorry, that was harsh, didn't intend to be mean though, just kidding around... anyway...

1. by the time of "Hunters Moon" had Peter, Diane, or Beth Maza met any of the other gargoyles besides Goliath, Angela, or Bronx?

2. in "Mark of the Panther" and "Cloud Fathers" did Peter, Diane or Beth pick up on or discover the relationship between Elisa and Goliath as kinda sorta more than friends?

3. what will Peter, Diane, Beth and Derek think of Elisa and Goliath's relationship?

4. as of "Cloud Fathers" was Beth in a relationship with anyone? in 2001 is she in a relationship with someone?

Greg responds...

1. Certainly not Beth, but it's possible that Peter and Diane did.

2. I don't know if it occured to them.

3. I've answered this before. I think Beth will get it. I think Derek won't. I think Peter will be uncomfortable with it. I think Diane will be too, though maybe she'll try not to be.

4. No one significant back then. I'm not sure now.

Response recorded on May 20, 2003