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Anonymous writes...

Hi Greg. I'm interested in whatever in-jokes there were in the show... I
already know about "Jalapena," and I think in an e-mail you mentioned there
was about one in-joke per ep? If you can think of any, I'd like to hear it.

Greg responds...

That wasn't a scientific estimate. It also depends on how you define an
in-joke. It amused me to have Xanatos quote Hamlet and Monty Python in the
same scene in "Future Tense". Is that an in-joke? Probably not. It's part
of Xanatos' personality. I'd have to watch the episodes again. Maybe when
the questions calm down, I'll do that. Watch one episode per week and write
up whatever thoughts come to my head as I'm watching. Post them as ramblings.
I'll include any in-jokes I remember. Maybe. We'll see.