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Scott Iskow writes...

On the topic of Hunters:

1) For those Hunters over the years who got married: What kind of relationship did they have with their spouse? Was there an understanding of the Hunter's need to kill mythical creatures, or did the Hunter keep it secret?

2) Were there other instances before Jason, Robyn, and Jon in which more than one Hunter existed at the same time?

3) Were there any more female Hunters besides Robyn, or was she the first?

4) Macbeth is an example of someone who was not part of the Canmore feud, but still took on the Hunter identity. Were there any more?

Thanks, Greg!

Greg responds...

1. You're generalizing. There's an individual story in every Hunter.

2. Probably not, otherwise they aren't unique. But I don't pretend to know ALL the stories yet.

3. I doubt she was first.

4. Maybe.

(For once, I'm not trying to be cagy. But there have been a lot of years worth of Hunters. I haven't tapped in to all of it yet.)

Response recorded on April 07, 2000