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Todd Jensen writes...

In your opinion, was there a streak of cowardice in the Canmores? I've wondered about that for several reasons. For one thing, there's their habit of wearing masks or hoods in their "Hunter" role, which Goliath definitely views as cowardice in "The Journey". Also, I noticed some definite marks of it in the behavior of Duncan, Canmore, and Jon Canmore/Castaway. Duncan plots against the lives of the members of Clan Moray purely on his own unbased fears that they may attempt to overthrow him and seize the Scottish throne for themselves and the words of three old hags, and uses a hired assassin (Gillecomgain) to do his dirty work. He attempts to destroy Demona's clan in their stone sleep in 1040 while they are helpless and defenceless. When he goes up against Macbeth in battle, he tries to win through having his sidekick Macduff stab him in the back. Canmore, similarly, when he "slays" Macbeth, doesn't do so in fair combat, but by stabbing him in the back as well while Macbeth is arguing with Demona. Jon Canmore keeps on backing down whenever he has the opportunity to stand up for the gargoyles, and takes the final step of becoming Castaway after placing the blame of his maiming his brother on the gargoyles rather than taking the responsibility on his own shoulders. So, to repeat my question, does cowardice run in the Canmore family?

Greg responds...

Yep. And I wouldn't necessarily leave out Jason or Robyn either, though perhaps the cowardice takes a different form with them.

Response recorded on September 06, 2000