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Todd Jensen writes...

Thanks for posting the lost "Matt and Chavez" scene from "The Journey".

One bit of interest was Matt's mention of frightened New Yorkers smashing architectural gargoyles. This was because there was a scene involving that in one of the Goliath Chronicles episodes (the "Alex-gets-kidnapped" one, I recall), that we occasionally misremembered as a scene in "The Journey"; now it turns out that you had actually planned such vandalism taking place offstage in that episode all along. At any rate, thanks for that scene.

(The one problem that I admit I have with looking over "The Journey", of course, is that it really makes me regret the way that the rest of the season went after that - I still wish that you'd gotten to do the other twelve episodes as well, but I suppose that there's no use sighing over that).

Greg responds...

I'm still sighing over that. The one real career regret I have is not doing those last twelve.

Also, I was intentionally leaving it vague as to whether or not the vandalism was the result of "ordinary citizens" or the Quarrymen. The Q-Men hadn't quite made a splash yet. So Matt might not be aware of them yet. And of course, Castaway was recruiting frightened New Yorkers. So, as usual, it's possible that "all things are true."

Response recorded on September 25, 2000